Resident Evil 2: Retro Pack Expansion Review

21 September 2020
When you want your zombies a little out of focus

If ever a purchase screamed ‘additional pledge level’, it would be the Retro Pack Expansion, only now it lives in retail rather than Kickstarter. 

The Retro Pack is made up of additional cards and tiles that are direct replacements for those used in Resident Evil 2: The Board Game, but with artwork that mimics the graphics of the original video game. It’s a great idea, Resident Evil 2: Board Game was deliberately made to appeal to the fans of Resident Evil 2, which means adding this kind of nostalgia is a well-aimed poke at the soft, nostalgic underbelly of the gamer. 

However, it has to be remembered that the original graphics weren’t good. Those pixelated images of the video game live in the murky middle ground, before graphics became smooth but after they were 8-bit and jagged. You may mistake them for a small image that has been stretched and stuck on a card, and whilst accurate, it makes the cards look low quality instead. In comparison, the difference in the game tiles is minimal. If you muddled them together from the original game, you may struggle to pick out which came from the expansion. If you can’t tell the difference, is it worth the purchase?

Well, if you look at this pack because you enjoy the board game, but have no strong feelings about the video game, you’ll get nothing from this. Having said all that – if you’re a big fan of the original video games, you’ll probably enjoy having this as part of your collection. Despite its flaws, there really is something to be said about making your set a little different, and calling back to that original fun that started your enjoyment of the franchise. 



Designer: Uncredited

Publisher: Steamforged Games

Time: 90 minutes

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Players: 2-4

Age: 12+

Price: £30




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