Ramen Fury review

19 September 2019
ramen-fury-51597.jpg Ramen Fury
Not bowling you over

Ramen Fury comes in a bright red glossy plastic packet that looks like instant ramen. Slice the end off (don’t worry: it’s resealable) and inside you’ll find what looks like a block of dried noodles. We could basically end this review here – the inspired packaging is probably enough to get you to pick this up, if you’re ever going to.

But there is a card game inside that cardboard block of not-noodles, too. It’s got a premise that’s almost as fun as its packet: add a load of ingredients to your three bowls of ramen and slurp them down before your fellow eaters.

The right combination of flavours (shrimp, beef, chicken, vegetable) and vegetable and/or protein toppings (tofu, eggs, scallions, fish) scores points, with nori a bonus and spicy chilli peppers – which can be played into your opponents’ bowls – detracting from the taste and your score, unless you manage to grab the rare 'fury' flavour.

The two-action turns go quick, with ruthless take-that opportunities springing up all the time thanks to the free-to-place peppers and limited number of cards allowed in each bowl. Limited spoon tokens can be used to fish only the top ingredient back out of a bowl (unless it’s already been eaten, which would be gross), giving some light strategy to the order in which you add toppings and flavours.

It’s quick, lighthearted and looks fantastic; Ramen Fury would make a perfect appetiser to the smiling sashimi of fellow delectable card game Sushi Go! Don’t expect anything mindblowing – like the foodstuff it so lovingly mimics, it’s cheap and cheerful – but, unlike the chilli peppers in your bowls, it won’t leave you hot under the collar either. 





Designer: Uncredited

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Artist: Uncredited

Time: 30 minutes

Players: 2-5

Age: 8+

Price: £10

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