Out of Order Review

22 October 2021
A good time with plenty of laughter

It is rare to find something new in the genre as vast and established as trivia games. However, occasionally games such as Out of Order come along and prove that there is still a novel way to ask and answer a question. The core premise remains the same: a quizmaster is given a card with five questions to ask the players and correct answers are rewarded with points. However, there is a twist: the questions are answered – you guessed it! – out of order.

The player must respond to the current questions with an answer from the previous question. The first question is always answered with ‘out of order’, however, the player must remember the actual correct answer and use it as a response to the second question, while taking a mental note of the answer to the second question to use on the third question and so on… The questions themselves might not be hard, but it is the remembering part of this task that gets tricky.

The game will not make it easy either. Typically, the questions and answers combine in a humorous way to form a silly answer, or a creative pun or try to confuse you with similar-sounding words. There is a card that contains only ‘Q’ and its homophones as answers, only to sneak an ‘M’ answer to check if you are paying attention! And there are many cards that will have you too busy laughing to remember any proper answers at all! So much thought and creativity went into each card to come up with new ways to trip up players and make every turn feel exciting.

Out of Order is not a game where you will need an encyclopaedic knowledge or quick responses. It is designed to make you have a good time and plenty of laughter whether you get the answer right or completely out of order. 



Designer: Lesley Singleton, Billy Langsworthy, Deej Johnson

Publisher: Gibsons Games

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Time:  15=30 minutes

Players: 2-6

Ages: 14+

Price: £16

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