One Night Ultimate Werewolf review

16 December 2015
onenightwerewolf-65221.jpg One Night Ultimate Werewolf
This will get you howling with excitement

Bezier Games | Deduction | 3-10 players | 10 minutes | 

Dating back to the 1980s, ‘werewolf’ games are almost a genre of their own. In a game of ‘werewolf’ a village is being plagued by beastly attacks and players must work out who is the shape changer hiding among them. Each turn the werewolf kills a different player until they’re correctly spotted by the remaining villagers… or just kill everyone in a bloody spree. The only problem is that werewolf games are a little unwieldy and can last an age.

Step up to the plate then One Night Ultimate Werewolf, which streamlines the rules into a much quicker 10 minute variety. At the start of the game, each player is given the role of a villager such as Troublemaker, Robber or Seer, while others are the bad guys (Werewolves or Minions) – another can be the moderator to control the flow of things. However, if you’re smartphone savvy then definitely download the app, which acts as the narrator and ensures everyone can get involved.

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During a turn everyone closes their eyes and then, depending upon their assigned role, for example the Doppelganger can take on the role of another character, werewolves open their eyes and indicate that they’re a werewolf to other werewolves and their minions, the Seers can look at other people’s cards and the robber can steal someone else’s card. Meanwhile the Troublemaker can swap cards and the Insomniac can check their own card… just to make sure they haven’t been turned into a werewolf.

Once everyone wakes up they then need to vote on who they all think is the werewolf. Of course, anyone who is a werewolf must try to throw the villagers off the scent, while the villagers must work together to identify the killer. After voting, the person with the votes is killed off and they reveal their card – if they’re a werewolf, hooray! If they’re a villager, boo! Whereas normal games of werewolf can last an hour, a game of Ultimate Werewolf is over within 10 minutes, so it’s great for fast-paced bluffing shenanigans.

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