MK3 Advanced Series Brush Sets accessory review

04 October 2017
DSC_4757-copy-89129.jpg MK3 Advanced Series Brush Set
A brush with brilliance?

Games & Gears has expanded its MK3 line of paintbrushes with two new sets, the third evolution of the series: an assortment of size 0, 00 and 000 fine detail brushes with bristles made of pure kolinsky hair – a favourite of artists – and a slightly thicker trio of size 1, 2 and 3 synthetic brushes for more general painting use, as well as inks and metallic paints, which will ruin natural hair bristles. The brushes of all six brushes are finely crafted and keep their shape well during use.

Both sets come in a near-identical form, with black and green metal handles that handily split in two, allowing the end brush to be pulled off and stored inside the hollow bodies, reducing risk of damage and allowing moisture to escape through a small air hole.

It’s a clever design, but the added size makes the brushes a little clumsier to handle, especially when painting fine detail with the kolinsky set. Despite the more complicated design, they are mercifully light, with a slight weight distribution towards the brush end that we found to be comfortably stable and reassuringly solid rather than distracting. 

Some of the push-fit sections were noticeably tighter when pushing together and pulling apart, with at least one of the brushes in each set feeling much looser when constructed. It was hard to tell during our time with the brushes, but the inconsistent fitting raised the concern of the brush section accidentally sliding off after prolonged and repeated use over multiple months and years.

Each set of three brushes comes in a leather brush case branded with the Games & Gears logo, which detracts a little from the otherwise premium presentation, though the protective design of the brushes themselves would allow them to be carried loosely in a bag or larger case.

Whether the size of the brushes is too large for your personal painting style will vary from person to person, but the overall quality and presentation earns these brushes their premium status.


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Publisher: Games & Gears

Price: £27.99 (kolinsky), £23 (synthetic)



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