I Would Destroy the Ring Review

16 July 2023
Well done, if completely unoriginal

I Would Destroy the Ring is a standalone expansion for the game I Would Kill Hitler. Self-described as a ‘party game of hilarious hypotheticals’, the original included 450 cards and a sand timer. I Would Destroy the Ring has 200 cards and no sand timer, but we’re sure you can work around this glaring omission if you just want to play this (again self-described) ‘nerdy version’ without bothering to pick up the original.

If you’ve played Cards Against Humanity, you’re on familiar ground here. Not that it really needs a rules video. One player (this round’s judge) reads out a Hypothetical Card, and the other players choose one of their hand of Plot Cards with which to answer the hypothetical. Hilarity (presumably) ensues, after which the judge gives a point to the best answer. So, you may ask, where’s the hook?

That’s where the timer comes in. Rather than everyone just flipping their card, each player instead gets one minute to pitch their answer to the judge. At some point during it they have to say what’s on their card and reveal it but other than that you can freestyle until the time runs out. If you have a good-sized group, you can even split into teams and do skits in pairs or even more if you’re feeling particularly theatrical.

The hypothetical cards have quite a lot of text but do a good job of scene setting. The plot cards either start with ‘You MUST say’, ‘You are’, etc and really are nerdy, from ‘You must say ‘Multipass’!’ to ‘You have memorized the entire collection of Neil Gaiman’s short stories’.

The game is well produced, priced, and though out, if completely unoriginal. Your enjoyment will wholly depend on playing with the right group and in the right spirit, but isn’t that always the case with party games? So, while I Would Destroy the Ring has a very specific audience, it works brilliantly if that includes you.

Chris Marling


Designer: Uncredited

Publisher: Spite House Studios

Time: 30 minutes

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Players: 3-8

Ages: 17+

Price: £15



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