Gothic Temple and Walls Scenery accessory review

28 November 2017
| Gothic Temple and Walls Scenery
An altar at which to worship?

In time for the return of Warhammer 40,000, scenery specialist Game Mat has released a couple of gothic terrain pieces that would look just at home in the grimdark sci-fi universe as in the crumbling remains of a fantasy landscape.

The set of gothic walls includes two each of the five different shapes, for a total of 10 individual sections of terrain. All of the pieces measure 12cm long, and range in height from a shin-high jumble of rocks up to the 6cm-tall remains of a wall featuring a gothic window – though the remainder are simply an assortment of plain barriers.

There’s a good amount of detail to the solid pre-painted resin, which feels resilient and delightfully weighty and stable when plonked on a gaming surface. Although the sections are painted effectively, there remains the unfortunate presence of moulding lines on several of the parts, which detracts from the otherwise atmospheric finish.  

The walls are an ideal complement to the separate but similarly styled gothic temple – though it’s more of a raised platform and altar than the complete building you might expect from the name.

The temple boasts a little more colour than the monochrome walls thanks to some gold angel statues and other lighter detailing, which joins the scattering of rocks to add to the overall design of the terrain as a table centrepiece. That said, some of the rocks, especially those on the top of the arch, have unrealistic flat backs that take away from the visual strengths of the environment, especially as their unsightly edges face towards the temple’s main area.

Despite the minor visual and production quibbles, the gothic collection offers a well-made selection of ready-to-play terrain for wargamers looking to bring a little something extra to their battlefields.


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Manufacturer: Game Mat

Price: £22 (walls), £34 (temple)



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