Frostgrave: Blood Legacy Review

07 February 2022
Catnip for vampires?

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In last months in Forward Observer we briefly touched upon the latest Frostgrave outing by Osprey’s Joe McCullough. It offers a wealth of expanded information about the undead from the frozen city, not just the vampires and the giants (who have wandered south to infest the frozen ruins) but a host of other ghoulish types. From what I’ve read, the Giants are ‘catnip’ for the vampires: their blood is like an elixir to the undead, filling them with strength and magical power.

Included in the book are a host of vampiric magic items and spells plus a breakdown of the different tribes of giants. Also included are rules for several new soldier types: there’s the obvious (and much needed) Vampire Hunter, along with a Sword Master and Blood Hunter but – in addition – there’s the Giant-Blooded. These hulking men and women have the blood of giants running through their veins, granting them great strength unseen in regular folks. The book also contains a section on playing Frostgrave with high-level wizards with specialities including an increase in Specialist Soldier Allowance; Item Slots; and Maximum Health along with changes to casting numbers and experience points.

The book contains two mini-campaigns: Eventide Manor with three individual scenarios and some extras like Ambush cards; plus The Caves of Fin Dalka with three more separate scenarios.

The bestiary has, of course, been expanded. This now features Blood-drinker Bats; Burning Skeletons; three different Fire Giants; a Frost Giant (and a Wraith Frost Giant); a Troll Giant (and – you’ve guessed it – a Zombified Troll); plus many other horrors including a Leech Wolf (with some particularly horrifying artwork for it); and a selection of other Spectres and Spell Casters.

There’s also a new treasure list to entice your players with and this includes such joys as a Misticene Quiver; a Magic Dog Whistle; a Devouring Skull; an Obliteration Orb; and a Ring of Foresight (gosh – we could all do with one of those...).

Being an Osprey it is well laid out and over 90 pages long. It is lovingly illustrated with some fine artwork and photographic illustration. It is available for less than the twenty quid asking price as an ebook but I’ve also seen it advertised for less than the cover price at various stores so it might be worth shopping around.

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