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02 January 2023

Since its original release in 1997, Looney Labs’ Fluxx has been adapted countless times across a multitude of themes and intellectual properties. This latest iteration though harks back to its simple origins whilst presenting some twists to the formula.

For those unfamiliar, Fluxx is a card game about change. And I mean this in the most literal sense. Indeed, Fluxx – in all its forms – has never been about any deeper educational, political, or emotional examinations of change, instead choosing to embody the word in a purely mechanical sense. Each game begins with players taking turns to draw and play one card and no definitive win condition. Over time, new rules will arise along with an ever-changing lineup of goal cards, each one depicting the required pair of Keeper cards needed to finally win the game.

Chaos would be the word I’d best ascribe to my experiences of playing various versions of Fluxx, so seeing Fluxx Remixx’s sub-heading of ‘Extra Chaos Edition’ was daunting to say the least. Ultimately though, this mainly amounts to the addition of Surprise cards, opening up possibilities for playing out of turn. As such, anyone familiar with the game should jump straight into this with ease. In fact, thanks to its simple and, by now, timeless design, newcomers should have little trouble either.

But, whilst the game is undoubtedly accessible in regard to its rules, some might consider the lack of a definitive theme a touch off-putting. With so many other variants on the market catering to specific fandoms and consumers of popular media, it’s hard to picture Fluxx Remixx taking precedence. Furthermore, in this reviewer’s opinion, licensed versions of Fluxx have managed to generate at least some element of thematic involvement compared to the original, which is no easy task considering the game’s mechanical nature. Consequently, this is one for the purists and collectors.



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Designer: Andrew Looney

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Publisher: Looney Labs

Time: 5-30

Players: 2-6

Ages: 9+

Price: £16

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