Firefly: The Board Game review

16 December 2015
firefly-45950.jpg Firefly
If you ain't misbehavin' you ain't doing it right!

Gale Force Nine | Exploration | £44.99 | 1-4 players | 120 minutes | 

In 2002, director Joss Whedon, introduced sci fi fans to Firefly. Named after an in-show class of spaceship, this excellent series lasted only 14 episodes before it was cancelled by Fox. Firefly the Game drags tabletop gaming firmly into the Firefly universe. Well-themed, and cleverly implemented, it places you in the Captain’s seat of your very own Firefly and sends you out into the ‘verse.

Players race to complete objectives that range from earning large sums of money, to performing jobs for contacts. Firefly the Game provides plenty of paths to victory. You can carry out legal shipping operations, transporting goods and passengers across the universe for minimal pay. Or you can head down the smuggling route and ship contraband. Although smuggling is well paid, you’ll lose favour with Harken and the Alliance who rigorously enforce the law. If you’re not solid with Harken you’ll live your life in constant fear of Customs inspections and warrants. You can play Firefly the Game in whatever way you please, but let’s be honest - if you ain’t misbehavin’ you ain’t doing it right!

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As you travel across the board, you draw, and resolve navigation cards which represent events that occur during the journey. The further you travel the greater the risk of encountering the infamous Reavers. With an ever expanding board, Firefly the Game is an excellent choice for anyone who has a few spare hours and wants to sit back and immerse themselves in the Firefly universe. Since its release, a number of successful expansions have surfaced including the Breakin’ Atmo mini expansion, Pirates and Bounty Hunters, and Blue Sun which greatly enhances the threat posed by the Reavers. 

With more expansions in the works Firefly is definitely one to watch if you’re looking for a quality space adventure. (Tom Randell,

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