Fallout and Elder Scrolls in Resin – Review

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21 December 2022
Highly recommended

This review originally appeared in Miniature Wargames Magazine.

Modiphius Entertainment’s has some further Elder Scrolls and Fallout resin releases. Each multi-figure box comes with figures that will require a degree of assembly (usually just arms to stick on) plus a unique scenic base, however one of them is... well a bit more complicated than that (and rather bigger!). The models are universally very highly detailed, extremely proportionate, 32mm scale figures. Let’s deal with the Fallout post apocalypse, atompunk extravaganza releases first.

There are two boxes that have been sent in for review although first I’m going to give a mention to something from their website that I have only seen shots of. They now make a box of scabby dogs called Mongrel Scavenging Pack. For £30 you get six animals (pairs of three different types) which are a pretty useful animal for any environment (from zombie games to war torn Stalingrad) that need some horribly treated animals: too many dogs portrayed in wargames look like they came straight from Crufts.... But – back to what they actually sent...

The Yao Guai Ambush (£26) features a pair of monstrous, mutated descendants of bears. These beasts – one bipedal with a bad case of boils and the other on all fours but having lost most of its fur – have the usual claws, massive teeth, and poor negotiating skills and can undoubtedly eat your player character quicker than you can say ‘fetch me a pic-a-nic basket...’.

The other Fallout release is, in every sense, monstrous. Swan can be either a big opponent for a team to face or perhaps a new addition to your Super Mutant warband. Having said that, as the model is 90mm tall when assembled, I would imagine Swan could be anything he jolly well pleases... For those not overly familiar with the back ground (which, I confess, includes this reviewer), I think some description is probably in order. The Swan kit is split at the waist and has a separate left arm holding some sort of constructed armour-come-weapon with a hook on the end; along with another left arm to stick on which holds the head to a weapon that does look like a ship’s anchor (complete with chain) to glue in position. The body is then festooned with all sorts of wreckage and detritus (he appears to be carrying a spare tyre and that wasn’t a criticism of his waist line...) along with a lot of feathers and the remains of a large swan... An interesting project to paint! He costs £60 and his custom base is 60mm wide.

Now we move on to the Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms releases (although – after the monster-fest – these may seem a little pedestrian). I have boxed sets of Bandits and another of Adventurer Fortune Hunters to review. The former are six figures (plus bases) for £43. There’s a Butcher; Haldyn (the Pirate Battlemage); Raj’irr (White River Rogue) plus three different Bandit Warriors/Vampire Thralls/Mercenaries. Poses (and weaponry) are mixed with the Mage spell casting and Raj’irr (a sort of cat biped) in the classic ‘super hero: I’ve just jumped’ three-point squat. The Fortune Hunters are the same number for the same price but are named Borgak Steelheart; Sulla Trebatius; Umama; Deeja; Serana and Dragonborn. Lots of armour and swords, plus a spellcaster and one’s a lizard. Again, just excellent sculpts.

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Highly recommended.


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