Cash 'n' Guns Second Edition review

16 December 2015
cashnguns-54200.jpg Cash n Guns
Who will survive this Mexican stand off?

Repos Production | Bluffing | £24.99 | 4-8 players | 30 minutes | 

Remember that scene in Reservoir Dogs when all the crooks are holding guns at each other, then someone gets their ear chopped off and everybody dances in slow motion in suits… or something like that, it’s a long time since we’ve seen it. Anyway, fancy recreating that – at least the bit with the guns – in the safety of your home with optional swearing and ear loss? Hooray! Then Cash ‘n Guns is the thing for you.

Another one of the perfect opener games before the main event on a games night, Cash ‘n Guns sees everyone taking on the role of a gangster as you’re splitting up the money from a successful heist. However, the problem with gangsters is they’re an untrustworthy bunch so soon they start turning the guns on each other to get the moolah.

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Each turn loot cards are dealt out so everyone can see what’s up for grabs and one player acts as the criminal boss. Next players then secretly choose an ammunition card for their gun – unfortunately only three cards are bullets, while the rest are duds – and then choose who they’re going to shoot. This is where things get particularly enjoyable because Cash ‘n Guns comes with replica foam handguns! That’s right, rather than pointing your fingers at an opponent you actually get a replica gun to point at them. This tangible element of the game is a hoot and watching a group of players all point cartoon-style guns at each other is a strangely enjoyable experience. 

If you find you’ve got too many guns pointing in your direction, you can back down but you loose your share of the loot. However, if you stay in and someone shoots you with a bullet you take a wound –get three wounds and it’s game over. Of course, you’ve only got a few bullets, so you need to convince someone your weapon is the one that’s loaded and that’s when the bluffing comes into play. Cash ‘n Guns is a great group game, particularly if you all get involved… and speak in gangster voices, obviously.

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