Battlestar Galactica Review

01 June 2020
Reviewing this Fantasy Flight Game

Fantasy Flight Games | Bluffing/deduction | £40 | 3-6 players | 120-240 minutes | 

In 2004, Sci-Fi channel reimagined the 1978 TV show - Battlestar Galactica. The storyline focusses on the last remaining Humans as they fight to survive against the cybernetic Cylons who have infiltrated Galactica’s crew. Battlestar Galactica the board game, brings the show to life through co-operative play, hidden-roles and traitors. At the start of the game, you receive a loyalty card that determines if you’re Human, or Cylon. Humans attempt to reach Galactica’s destination, whereas Cylons remain hidden, bide their time and secretly sabotage missions until they choose to reveal their evil intent!

 The random starting loyalty means that there might not be a Cylon at the table. However, once you’re half way to victory, each player draws a second loyalty, making everyone a potential sleeper Cylon!

During their turn, players move, perform an action and then the whole team face a crisis. To overcome this, you each contribute cards to a skill check. There are five different skill types and each player receives specific cards. Knowing who has what skills helps determine who may, or may not, have sabotaged a skill check.

Finally, you apply the pass or fail effects for the crisis, Cylon ships move or attack and the Humans might perform a faster than light jump, taking them closer to their goal.

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Fuel, food, morale and population indicate the game state and as you progress, these numbers drop rapidly. If any resource hits zero before you reach your destination, the Cylons win.

Battlestar is an extremely entertaining game if played with the right group. It takes time to reach its conclusion – however it’s a genuinely involving experience laced with suspicion. If you’re not sure about the hidden roles, then you really need to find a gamer willing to introduce you to the game before you buy it. 

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