7 Wonders review

16 December 2015
7wonders-95794.jpg 7 Wonders
Centuries of civilisation distilled into just 30 minutes

Repos Productions | Civilisation card drafting | 2-7 players | 30 minutes | www.rprod.com 

Civilisations rise and fall but the most successful are remembered long after they cease to exist. A strong and powerful civilisation is often built upon four sturdy pillars - the people, scientific development, trade and commerce and finally military prowess. Released in 2010 and designed by Antoine Bauza, 7 Wonders distils centuries of growth into a thirty minute card-drafting game. This fantastic title invites you to build and nurture a glorious city of your very own.

To begin, you select a Wonder-board which forms the heart of your city. The game plays across three ages and at the start of an age, you deal a set of cards to each player who selects a single card and passes the rest around the table. Once you’ve done this, you add your chosen card to your city or use it to build part of your Wonder.

There are numerous card types, each with a cost and a benefit. Raw materials and manufactured goods cards enable you to build bigger and better structures, civilian structures provide points, scientific structures provide different types of scientific research, commercial structures improve trade with your neighbours, military structures enhance your dominance, and finally - guilds provide bonuses based on the configuration of your city. 

At the end of an age, each player scores or loses points based on their military strength. After the third age completes, you add all of your military, monetary, wonder, civilian, science, trade and guild points together - and the player with the highest score wins!   

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7 Wonders is a truly brilliant game, it’s fairly easy to learn and presents you with some exciting choices. As an added bonus, if you find you like the base game there’s always the Cities, Leaders and Babel expansions which add fantastic new gameplay elements. (Tom Randell www.gamesquest.co.uk/blog/)

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