Zombicide’s fantasy-themed spin-off Black Plague is getting a sequel, Green Horde

04 April 2017
70e0e48238a6286bf77ab74ee25bd0b5_original-06743.png Zombicide: Green Horde
Kickstarter will launch at the end of May

Eric Lang’s samurai Blood Rage follow-up Rising Sun is now Cool Mini or Not’s biggest Kickstarter campaign to date, making over $4.2 million, but the publisher already has plans to break its own record again with a brand new Zombicide game.

Green Horde is the sequel to Zombicide: Black Plague, the fantasy-themed standalone spin-off to the game of blasting undead miniatures that made $4.1 million on Kickstarter back in 2015.

As you might guess from the colourful hue of the title, Green Horde will star infected orcs and goblins looking to munch down on human brains – and who will apparently be stronger than their shuffling human counterparts.

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As in Black Plague, the action is transported to a medieval land, with players able to stock up on weapons and spells and select from a wider range of races to take down walkers. An expansion, Wulfsburg, added zombie wolves and towers to climb.

There’s not much more on Green Horde at the moment, with CMON simply teasing a Kickstarter for the end of May – giving you mere weeks to try and scrape together your pennies if your wallet is still recovering from Rising Sun.


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