Zombicide Expansion Fort Hendrix Gives Us the Bootcamp Treatment

30 October 2019
Zombies - but with guns!

Zombicide is getting its second edition – if a successful Kickstarter which was nearly (at the time of writing) backed to ten times its initial is anything to go by.

And with that hugely successful brain-conservation game comes expansions. In this case it’s a military base themed Fort Hendrix expansion which sees players work through ten new missions, all of which interlock with one another.

Like the other expansion already promised in the Washington  expansion Fort Hendrix, players will be using the campaign rules which sees characters gain experience as they go. These experience points can be traded in for new skills – making progressing through the missions feel like your character is progressing.

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Of course, with players getting stronger through each mission, new challenges have to crop up. In this case it’s a new enemy type called “shooter walkers”.  Zombies - but with guns! Naturally they’re not going to be quite the marksmen that they once were – but it seems that there’s still the ability to pull a trigger in these somewhere.

With new stories in the game including military personnel as well as survivors trying to get into the base, there’s plenty of reason to get your boots on the ground.


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