Zombicide creators working on Night of the Living Dead games, have their own films and TV shows planned

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30 October 2018
living-dead-67155.jpg Night of the Living Dead
CMON also planning more movie, TV and video game spin-offs

Zombicide maker CMON is taking its love of the undead even further with board games based on seminal zombie movie Night of the Living Dead.

George A. Romero’s 1968 film is widely considered one of the most influential works of horror ever made, giving rise to the modern portrayal of zombies as flesh-eating reanimated corpses in everything from The Walking Dead to Call of Duty – and, of course, board games such as Zombicide.

CMON announced that it had acquired the rights to create official “branded board games and associated play accessories (including miniature PVC figures, board, dice and tokens/coins, cards)” based on Night of the Living Dead.

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The first game is expected to land on the tabletop next year – there’s no word on whether it will shuffle onto Kickstarter first. The first shot of the game's box art describes it as "A Zombicide Game" – suggesting that the gameplay might be based on the dice-chucking, dungeon-crawling co-op series.

A portion of the profits from the game will be donated to the George A. Romero Foundation, which supports students, filmmakers and artists following in the late cult director’s footsteps.

CMON also confirmed it would continue its efforts to bring even more films, TV shows and video games to the tabletop as board games, following spin-offs such as Narcos, Bloodborne, A Song of Ice and Fire and the upcoming Wacky Races game.

What’s more, the announcement of the Night of the Living Dead board games included a brief but notable mention of CMON’s plans to “[forge] partnerships that will expand the narrative of our own IPs into television, features and animation” – making it the latest big name from the tabletop to consider bringing its games to big and small screens after the launch of Asmodee’s Entertainment division.


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