Zombicide creators’ next game HATE goes Kickstarter-exclusive to avoid ‘stripping out’ its mature content

08 December 2017
DQS_VI-X0AUEB_S-40840.jpg HATE
Adaptation of Adrian Smith’s graphic novel series hits crowdfunding site in January

HATE, the next project from the creators of Zombicide and Massive Darkness, has become the latest big board game to be exclusive to crowdfunding site Kickstarter.

An adaptation of the Chronicles of HATE graphic novel series by Adrian Smith, HATE is being developed by CMON and Guillotine Games, and involves players battling through a campaign made up of multiple play sessions.

A key part of the gameplay relates to the concepts of ‘savagery’ and ‘hate’, which enable characters to gain new skills and abilities by unleashing “unspeakable violence” against their enemies.

It’s the universe’s oppressive nature and thematic focus on bloodletting that’s apparently to blame for HATE being only available to buy during its upcoming Kickstarter, with CMON saying the decision came down to a desire to avoid compromising its ‘mature’ tone – something that it’s implied would need to happen were it sold in shops.

“Our ultimate goal with HATE is to offer a game that remains as true as possible to the source material: Adrian Smith’s graphic novels,” the studio explained in its announcement.

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“As you might guess from the name, the world of HATE is not a happy or peaceful one and includes a lot of mature content. We know not everyone will find this type of experience pleasant, so instead of stripping out the atmosphere, we are going direct to those who will want this type of gaming experience, including our retailers through CMON Play.”

CMON Play is a programme run over in the US that allows certain retail partners to sell the publisher’s Kickstarted games by backing their campaigns.

CMON added that the only other place that the game would be sold following the crowdfunding campaign would be certain conventions “while supplies last”, confirming that “HATE will not be regularly available through traditional channels after the Kickstarter”.

The Kickstarter will be open to international backers, including those in the UK – although there’s no details on what the postage for the game could add to its price. The crowdfunding campaign is due to launch on January 16th.

HATE’s Kickstarter exclusivity follows similar decisions by the creators of Batman: The Board Game, The 7th Continent and Detective: City of Angels to restrict their games’ availability to the crowdfunding platform.


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