ZineQuest 4 Closes - and its Performance May Surprise You

02 September 2022
Was it the usual success?

ZineQuest was a controversial topic on social media for a time. A yearly event promoted by Kickstarter, its annual encouragement of indie creators to upload their TTRPGs to be promoted together in the month of February, was a huge opportunity for many independent creators to boost their sales significantly. Whilst there were concerns in previous years that Kickstarter may have been less engaged with the initiative, this year, the event was moved from its usual February, to August, with only two weeks notice and silence on the matter prior. 

It took little time for ZineMonth to be raised - a collaborative effort from TTRPG creators to continue to post projects within this timeframe, though both on and off Kickstarter. It saw a rise in the likes of Itchio, IndieGoGo, and other, smaller crowdfunding sites, as opportunities for this. Though it received no additional, external publicity, like that which Kickstarter may have offered, the event felt successful, with a query as to what impact the original ZineQuest in August would have. 


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