You’ll finally be able to play Five Tribes with five players thanks to upcoming expansion Whims of the Sultan

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08 May 2017
pic3538991-36819.jpg Five Tribes: Whims of the Sultan
June release also introduces fabulous city tiles

It’s a bit of a false expectation that Bruno Cathala’s 1001 Nights-flavoured Euro Five Tribes should support five players, as the name refers to the factions players are aiming to control altogether, rather than the groups they individually control themselves.

All the same, moaners begone as Five Tribes’ next expansion will introduce the ability to play with an additional player, bringing the max headcount to – yes – five.

As is the way with the internet, fans have quickly found something else to complain about, accusing Whims of the Sultan’s expanded group size of exacerbating what some see as Five Tribes’ unfortunate inducing of analysis paralysis – presumably forgetting that they don’t have to buy the expansion or play with five players, if they simply want to enjoy the game as it is.

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Whims of the Sultan also adds new gameplay elements, namely the so-called ‘fabulous city’ tiles, which provide players with the chance to gain glory by completing ‘whim of the sultan’ cards (pictured) and visiting said locations.

The box includes six tiles, 15 meeples, eight camels, a tent, 22 whim of the sultan cards, two djinn cards and other bits and bobs needed for the fifth participant.

It can be played using only the base Five Tribes box, or mixed in with previous add-on The Artisans of Naqala.

Whims of the Sultan will be out in Europe this June for €25 (£21).


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