You say ‘tomato’, I say ‘tomatotomatomama’ in tongue-twisting party game TomaTomato

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19 July 2018
tomatomato-59414.jpg TomaTomato
Let’s call the whole thing off

Oink Games, the Japanese publisher of small-but-mighty boxes including A Fake Artist Goes to New York, Deep Sea Adventure and Insider, has revealed its next delightfully inventive treat.

TomaTomato takes the age-old debate between ‘to-may-to’ and ‘to-mah-to’ and chucks the whole thing out the window.

In its diddly deck are four card types that gradually break down the divisive fruit’s name into its component parts: ‘tomato’, ‘mato’, ‘ma’ and ‘to’.

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It’s the task of players to add a number of the cards to a line in front of them (from the game’s first image, it looks like a dice roll is involved to determine how many you draw each turn), before revealing them and doing their best to pronounce the run of syllables.

In other words, while you might start with just “tomato” to say, you might later end up making a mouthful of “Tomatotomatomama” – or worse.

It’s that simple, with Oink’s description summing up the party game’s obvious appeal: “It sounds great when you can say it smoothly and hilarious when you can’t!”

TomaTomato will be out next month, alongside Oink’s other (little) big release of this year’s Gen Con: Flotsam Fight, a race to rescue treasure from a sinking ship that’s a remake of 2017 trick-taking card game Bye-Bye Lemming.


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