You can pick up Knizia, Kramer and Rosenberg classics for just £1 on iOS at the moment

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14 September 2017
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Ra, Medici, Tikal, Tigris & Euphrates and Le Havre among apps on sale

If there’s a hole in your library of digital board games you’re looking to plug with classics from some of the most acclaimed designers on the tabletop, here’s your chance.

App developer Codito has put its entire library of iOS titles on sale as it works to update the games to support the 64-bit architecture of incoming iPad and iPhone operating system iOS 11, which will make older 32-bit titles obsolete.

All of the games are knocked down to just a pound, making it a relatively penny-friendly way to experience some modern masterpieces.

The collection includes several Reiner Knizia titles, including two thirds of his widely-loved auction trilogy – Ra and Medici – and his acclaimed civilisation-building tile-placement game Tigris & Euphrates, which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. Tigris & Euphrates also includes an in-app purchase for an advanced map, which is also £1.

There’s also Wolfgang Kramer’s Tikal, the jungle exploration game that picked up the Spiel des Jahres prize in 1999.

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Another renowned designer in the mix is Agricola creator Uwe Rosenberg, whose celebrated 2008 city-builder Le Havre is similarly discounted.

Finally there’s the lesser-known A Brief History of the World, a sprawling historical game that follows 50 empires from the dawn of civilisation to the 20th century.

Ra, Le Havre and A Brief History of the World already feature 64-bit support, while Codito has confirmed that Tigris & Euphrates, Tikal and Medici will be updated to support iOS 11 soon.


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