You can now sign up to playtest the first Star Trek RPG in 14 years

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02 December 2016
station-r05-with-copyright-88769.jpg Star Trek Adventures will be the first Star Trek RPG since 2002
Modiphius to publish Star Trek Adventures core rulebook next summer

Modiphius has announced a living playtest for its upcoming Star Trek RPG, and you can boldly go and sign up to take part right now.

Star Trek Adventures will be the first RPG based on the iconic sci-fi franchise since 2002; the last official RPG title set in the universe was Decipher’s Star Trek Roleplaying Game, based on the publisher’s CODA System – which itself was inspired by the d20 mechanics introduced in Dungeons & Dragons’ third edition.

Star Trek Adventures is due out next summer, and will include a narrative written by authors of Star Trek novels, previous Star Trek RPGs and other roleplaying games including D&D, Lord of the Rings, Doctor Who, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Mutant Chronicles.

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The playtest includes the choice of four ships, the USS Venture, Bellerophon, Thunderchild and Lexington. The first three adventures are set in the 24th century and focus on a broad variety of mission types, science exploration and conflict, respectively.

Meanwhile, the USS Lexington’s campaign serves as a prequel to the other three ships’, taking place in the 23rd century and offering a broad range of missions which impact the other narratives.

All of the ships are exploring the Shackleton Expanse, an uncharted sector of space with a Starbase on its edge.

You can take your pick of the ships and sign up to be part of the playtest over on Modiphius’ site.


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