You can now crowdfund Hasbro's Next Great Game finalists on Indiegogo

17 October 2016
fvkpn8veth2g9i8w8li4-79012.jpg On The Slopes
Winner will receive $25,000 and the chance to turn their idea into a full release

The five finalists for Hasbro’s Next Great Game competition are now open to crowdfund.

As a quick reminder, the annual competition offers the chance for budding designers to pitch an idea for a family-friendly game to the company for the chance to win $25,000 and potentially have their concept transformed into a finished product.

The initial 600 submissions have been whittled down to five last-round hopefuls, who have been given $2,000 each to launch crowdfunding campaigns for their titles on Indiegogo.

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The games include dungeon crawler Lair, which lets players create their own map for their opponent to explore; card game Colossal Blob, where players attempt to shrink their rivals and become the biggest blob around; storytelling card game The Plot Thickens, in which players form the plot of a detective, sci-fi or romance narrative on the fly; historical-themed board and card game mash-up Plank & Rank; and the snappy skiing board game On The Slopes (pictured).

The crowdfunding campaigns will run until November 13th, at which point an overall winner will be selected.

At the time of writing, the amount raised by most of the games is pretty even, sitting at between $2,000 and $3,000 (though it’s worth noting that Lair’s campaign is measured in Canadian dollars as opposed to the others’ USD). The only outlier is Plank & Rank, which has currently attracted just over $800 from backers.


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