Yes, Through the Ages will be released on PC (eventually)

27 September 2017
screen_full4-59829.jpg Through the Ages
Czech Games Edition confirms Steam version once mobile app ‘stabilized’

Through the Ages: A New Story of Civilization is really good on mobile, it turns out. Really, really good.

We’ve been playing all this week and have been thoroughly impressed with the genuinely chuckleworthy tutorial (narrated by designer Vlaada Chvátil with the help of Aristotle and Leonardo da Vinci, no less) and the speed at which the digital adaptation whips along from the dawn of humanity to the modern age.

There are still a few minor niggles – we’ve had the iOS app crash a couple of times and the game’s complex card drafting isn’t necessarily best-suited to a mobile screen about the size of a single card, not to mention the horrific battery drain sometimes experienced when playing online, but it undoubtedly does justice to one of the most impressive tabletop games ever made.

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It’s good news, then, that publisher-developer Czech Games Edition has now confirmed that the digital version of Through the Ages will be coming to PC via Steam in the future – even if that may be a bit of a wait away.

“Only information about Steam version is, that she will be,” the studio told Reddit user nitroidshock in response to the question of a PC release.

CGE added that its priority was on polishing up the mobile app before moving onto a new platform, suggesting that development of the PC version was yet to even begin.

“Right now our main priority is stabilize the mobile version, bring some new features, possibly some new translations and after that we will start to work on Steam version,” it explained. “We have really small team and there are other projects we working on also, so it takes some time.”


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