Xenomorphs set to burst out of your tabletop with ALIEN RPG

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12 November 2019
ALIEN tabletop RPG takes us to the year 2183 on December 10

You’re not meant to survive. Let’s get that out of the way first. In what Free League Publishing call “fast and brutal play” the much anticipated tabletop RPG gives us all the chance to try out our best Ripley impressions.

That’s the cinematic mode at least. With two game modes available players can try and tackle survival in the Outer Rim Frontier in one sitting in Cinematic mode, or build the tension with Campaign mode. 

Either way, you’re still probably not going to survive. The core of the RPG remains true to the 20th Century Fox property in that you will be trying to outwit (read, cower quietly in a locker) the loveable but hungry xenomorph. 

Alien RPG

Also true to the films is the range of characters you can craft for your games, including: colonists, scientists, company reps, and of course a kind of space marine. With each you can easily imagine how your motive might not all align, making for terrible and calculated risk taking at the expense of the other players.

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A huge rulebook (392 pages!) is promised as well as other goodies including additional scenarios, custom dice, maps and markers. The game uses the same Year Zero engine as Tales from the Loop and Forbidden Lands.

Remember that in space, only the GM can hear you scream.



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