WWI co-op card game The Grizzled is getting a standalone campaign-driven spin-off

02 March 2017
pic3184278-56812.png The Grizzled
Original designers Fabien Riffaud and Juan Rodriguez working on untitled follow-up to 2015 title

Co-operative First World War-set card game The Grizzled is getting a new standalone spin-off featuring a new campaign-driven mode.

There are few specific details about the untitled follow-up (pictures show a sleeve simply called 'Campaign cards packet'), which is being designed by original Grizzled creators Fabien Riffaud and Juan Rodriguez.

Set to be published by Sweet Games, the set will be the second expansion for the game, following 2016’s At Your Orders! – although the new pack will seemingly be able to be played on its own.

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Images of the set posted on Twitter by BoardGameGeek showed decks of cards divided into at least seven chapters, including two referencing the Battle of Rossignol and Verdun.

There’s no word on when the set may be out, but we’d hazard a guess at sometime in 2017.


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