Word guessing game Concept goes co-op in kid-friendly sequel

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19 October 2018
concept-kids-45444.png Concept Kids: Animals
Children and animals: the perfect pair?

Concept, the abstract guessing game that forces players to break down words into their most basic elements, is getting a follow-up.

Like in the original game, Concepts Kids: Animals involves players plonking down pawns onto a board with various different icons, which when combined (hopefully) point to the answer on the card.

So, for example, you might place markers on pictures symbolising ‘green’, ‘land and shore’, ‘meat-eating’, ‘sharp teeth’ and ‘crawling’ for a crocodile.

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Unlike the competitive team play of Concept, the new game will let all the players work together in a co-operative mode, with two different difficulties. The aim is to get as many correct answers – and therefore points – as possible from 12 drawn cards.

It’s also been tweaked to make it even more family-friendly and accessible for younger players still learning to read (the recommended age is four and up), with the answer cards showing illustrations by Éric Azagury of the 110 animals rather than text.

Concept Kids: Animals is otherwise said to be pretty similar gameplay-wise to the original game, which publisher Repos announced has shifted a whopping 800,000 copies since it came out in 2013.

Concept Kids: Animals will be released in the US in November, with a UK release hopefully to follow.


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