Wood for electric sheep: Catan digital gets a release date on the Nintendo Switch

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12 April 2019
catan-switch-web-19219.jpg Catan (Switch)
Super Mari-roll

Catan is settling on the Nintendo Switch as a digital app this summer, Asmodee Digital has announced.

The virtual version of Klaus Teuber’s Spiel des Jahres-winning game of trading and colonisation will be out on the home-portable console hybrid this June 20th.

It’s the second big board game from Asmodee to come to the Switch, following the release of tile-laying smash hit Carcassonne late last year.

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Asmodee previously announced that Pandemic would be its second digital outing on Switch, but despite being originally announced with a March release date the app of Matt Leacock’s disease-curing co-op only has a vague launch date of 2019 on the Nintendo eShop for the time being.

The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game has also been teased to be coming to Switch, following the release of the living card game on PC. It was slated for a launch this month – whether that’s still the case is yet to be seen.  

Catan’s Switch version has had few details confirmed, beyond the fact that you’ll be able to play it using both the Switch’s docked mode on a TV and on the go using the console’s portable screen.

Catan will be released on the Switch on June 20th.


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