Wizards Releases Magic: The Gathering Wilds of Eldraine Anime Trailer

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06 September 2023
See the Wilds of Eldraine realised in a stunning animated trailer

There have been rumours of a Magic: The Gathering TV show for many years now, with the animated Netflix show announced in 2019 likely axed behind the scenes after the Russo brothers left the project in 2021. These rumours will likely become even louder after a video was uploaded to the Magic Youtube account, titled “Wilds of Eldraine Official Anime Trailer.”

What do we know from the Wilds of Eldraine anime trailer so far? 

The beautifully animated video shows a key story moment from the latest Magic set release ‘Wilds of Eldraine,’ where siblings Will and Rowan Kenrith confront each other in a dramatic duel. During the last major story arc of Magic, these characters lost their Planeswalker Spark, the power that lets people travel to different worlds and the role that players take on when playing the game.



Returning to a world ruined by a war that took their parents from them and struck with a terrible curse, the two siblings have grown apart, with Will doing everything he can to reunite the knights to protect Eldraine, whilst Rowan seeks out dark magic from her witch aunties to break the curse.


The climactic battle between the two ends with Rowan defeated, but not killed. The love the two siblings have shared and life lived together couldn’t be broken by a nearly world-ending catastrophe, but even still the scars of their journey have made them grow apart, with the end of the trailer implying Rowan has left to explore her future in the multiverse alone.

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The stunningly beautiful trailer saw the return of animation studio Maxilla (who also made the fantastic animated trailer for another Magic set ‘Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty’) as well as production credits for Pierrot (producers behind Naruto and Bleach), animated music video studio Qzil.la and S.o.K.


The song was performed by Okinawan hip-hop artist Awich and composed by award-winning anime composer Hiroyuki Sawano, known for his work on Attack on Titan, Kill la Kill and many more massive shows. It’s the right level of pumping action with modern design that we'd love to see get a full show or feature film.

Will they make a Magic: The Gathering Anime?

Whilst everything we know so far suggests that Wizards are not looking at making a full adaptation of Magic anytime soon, it’s wonderful to see the potential of what such a show could look like.

The set advertised by the trailer, ‘Wilds of Eldraine,’ releases this Friday 8th September, with many local game stores already able to sell products during the pre-release week.


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