Wingspan is coming to PC, and it sounds absolutely lovely

08 August 2019
wingspan-pc-37469.jpg Wingspan (PC)
As the crow digitise

Elizabeth Hargrave’s stunning, Kennerspiel des Jahres-winning debut board game about birds, Wingspan, is flapping its way to digital.

The upcoming PC app based on Hargrave’s engine-building game (a ‘perfect soaring success’, in the words of our own Dan Jolin) will recreate the tabletop title’s bucolic card-driven gameplay, casting players as bird lovers looking to attract a variety of avian wonders to different natural habitats.

As players fill their wildlife reserves with the birds – all of which are closely based on more than 150 actual North American species, down to the number of eggs they lay and the type of food they eat – they’ll be able to use their growing rows of cards to trigger chains of actions, collecting food, laying eggs and scoring points.

Developing the digital version of Wingspan is studio Monster Couch games, which has only announced that the app will be coming to PC for the time being – a mobile version is yet to be confirmed.

Wingspan on PC will include both single-player against AI opponents and both local and online multiplayer.

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The different birds on the game’s cards will be animated and feature audio from recordings of their real-life counterparts. Which, truth be told, sounds delightful.

No release date or price has been given for Wingspan on PC, although it’s currently up on Steam to wishlist and stare at impatiently.

Get a first look at the upcoming app in the short trailer below:


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