Win $25k and work with Hasbro on your game idea

11 April 2016
hasbro-89643.png Hasbro Gaming Labs
Hasbro Gaming Labs launches its second Next Great Games Challenge

Here's a great competition for all you budding games designers... how would you fancy the opportunity to work with Hasbro on bringing your game idea to life, as well as winning a trip to Hasbro HQ and $25,000? Where do we sign up?!

You see Hasbro Gaming Labs has just launched its second Next Great Games Challenge, which opens up submissions for new face-to-face games that are enjoyable for families and casual gamers but are also exciting for long-time enthusiasts.

To be eligible for the contest games should:

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  • Have complete rules: Rules don’t have to be polished and final, but should be complete enough to play the game.
  • Be playable: We recommend that you play-test it, too!
  • Have a conceptual narrative and visual style: From doodles to finished art, bring us into the world of your game.
  • Not be a pen-and-paper role playing game or trading card game: You can still wear your wizard hat and robe to Hasbro HQ if you win, but for this challenge, traditional RPG and TCG games are out-of-scope.
  • Only include intellectual property that you own or have the permission to use.

The closing date is 15th May (so you haven't got long) and the crowdfunding campaign will launch in November. Last year's winner was Irresponsibility - The Mr. Toast Card Game, which raised more than $10,000. If you're interested, check the Hasbro Gaming Labs website.


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