Wild West Exodus’ overhauled second edition is out later this month

21 September 2017
8-24563.jpg WWX
Cowboys-and-aliens miniatures game updated with card-driven system

Cowboys-meet-aliens miniatures game Wild West Exodus is getting its first major new edition since it debuted back in 2012.

The title’s second edition is due for release later this month, and also marks the first big update to the gunslinging game since it changed hands from original creator Outlaw Miniatures to Warcradle Studios late last year.

The second edition overhauls the original’s gameplay with a new two-card deck system combined with d10 dice-driven resolutions – a change that Warcradle claims “retains the feel of the original Wild West Exodus whilst streamlining the rules for fast-paced pick-up-and-play that can be scaled up for larger games”.

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The upcoming edition also adds two new factions to the existing line-up of historical figures, including Jesse James, Abraham Lincoln, Nikolai Tesla and Gustave Eifel, supernatural beings and warring alien races, bringing the total number of sides up to eight. The first is The Crown, a force based on the Imperial British armies, and the second is the Celestials, a mysterious group of beings following the Immortal Jade Emperor.

The models will be released in new ‘posse’ sets, including resin miniatures for each force, and starter packs that add in the rulebook, tokens, dice and cards needed to play to the faction-specific groups.

Existing WWX players can pick up the separate Rules & Gubbins Set to get the components new for second edition, while total newcomers can get a mix of characters in the introductory set.

There’s no specific release date for the second edition of WWX yet, but it’s said to be due out before the end of September.


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