Whistle Stop’s first expansion adds 3D Rocky Mountains to the charming train game

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27 February 2018
whistle-stop-rockies-91655.jpg Whistle Stop: Rocky Mountains
Plus a board extension and a bunch of new tiles

Scott Caputo’s elegant and delightful railroad-laying gem Whistle Stop is taking things to a whole new level in its first expansion – literally.

Whistle Stop: Rocky Mountains, which is due out this August, adds the US mountain range to the transcontinental game of building routes and transporting cargo between small towns.

The addition means an extension of the main game board, with the Rockies themselves represented by a 3D line of tiles that must be crossed to get to the west cost of America and strike it big.

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The box comes with a bunch of new end tiles, special tiles, train routes, resources, towns, gold nuggets, whistle stops, upgrades and shares alongside the extra board.

It’ll cost $30 (£21) when it’s released this August. We’re already on board.


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