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01 September 2021
Dark Veil is a new TTRPG (tabletop role-playing game) that centers on a universe splintered in time cohesively connecting eras of medieval fantasy, Victorian era steampunk, cyberpunk space age, and the infinite realms of the Veil.
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With role-play at its core, Dark Veil offers a success-based skill system that is fun and approachable for any tabletop role-player.

​The Dark Veil divides the surviving eras of time into sectors. Some call the Veil safe, others, a prison. Factions control sectors each in their own way, but it is the Order of the Veil that was first to merge the technology of the future with the Magi spell work of the past. Now, one year after the time event, massive Veil gates allow travelers to mix within the eras, creating a new universe of mixed eras, factions, and culture.

Players will traverse lands of different factions, queens and kingdoms, rebels, and pirates, fighting for power in Victorian diesel steampunk, medieval Kingdoms fantasy, and cyberpunk Space eras. Battle against the darkness of the ever-constant shadow of the Veil, lurking at every sector border and ready to deliver new obstacles, adventures, and mystery to your adventure from its infinite realms. 

​The Dark Veil core book will introduce the universe of Dark Veil with player and storyteller materials. The book will encompass play; rules; character origin backgrounds; continued character path growth with hundreds of spell and tactics traits; provide extensive faction and organization details for character lore development; breakdown gear and vehicle crafting rules; and much more. The book and subsequent products will include high-quality visuals, maps, and technical details of the setting so players and storytellers can imagine the immense setting as intended. Storytellers will find additional materials to create custom NPCs, enemies, tips, and suggested game running guides, as well as adventure hooks to spin off from lore material.

​Content & Cover Art subject to change before release


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Dark Veil Role-playing Game releases on Kickstarter September 15-October 15, 2021, with initial early backer exclusive rewards. The game will be available for pre-order from www.darkveilstudio.com after the Kickstarter with fewer early access options starting October 16, 2021. It will be available for sale online at an undetermined time in 2022. Check out the campaign here.


Price: Not Yet Released

Release Date: Fall, 2021

Format: Hardcover


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