Weekly Kickstarter Round Up: Wednesday 28th April

28 April 2021
Hellboy, Dice, more Dice, mad scientists, theme parks, and more!

It's been a busy week for Kickstarter, making this list tricky to cut down! However, we've done our best, so read on for a round up of some of the Kickstarters available from this week.


Hellboy: The Board Game Expansions and Dice Game

If you liked the Hellboy: The Board Game, this is the one for you. As part of a paid promo Claire and Charlie teamed up to play through the dice game, and you can see from the below video just how much fun was had! This Kickstarter will let you pick up four expansions to the base game, and that dice game too. Read more about it here, or head over to their Kickstarter to pledge

Is it funded? Yes

What’s the pledge to get a copy? £79

When does it end? Friday, May 7th 2021

Where is it? Don't let the frog monsters get you!

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My Father's Work

A Victorian mad scientist game that's not going to be available through distribution, meaning if you want the cheaper price, the Kickstarter is the way to do it! This is a 2-4 player game as competing mad scientists complete experiments based on a page from their fathers journal. You'll need to aid the town, upgrade the estate, and complete their fathers work in an app driven game. And if you're worried about playing the same game twice, Renegade Games have crunched the numbers - you've got only a 1 in 13,808,372,000,000 chance of doing so!

Is it funded? Yes

What’s the pledge to get a copy? $99 (about £72)

When does it end? Friday, May 14th 2021

Where is it? Can you complete your father's work?

Dice Theme Park

You know and love Dice Hospital, well now comes Dice Theme Park! The dice act as your visitor in the follow up to the original, where you're going to be building your own theme park, competing for visitors, attractions, and mascots, and maximising the enjoyment of the attendees. Including a new dice cascading mechanic, you'll pop down the dice activated and move them to an adjacent tile that you activate and move again...they call it "combo-tastic!"


Is it funded? Yes

What’s the pledge to get a copy? £39

When does it end? Friday, May 20h 2021

Where is it? What will you build?


King's Trial

You may have seen the trailer for this game ahead of time at our Virtual Spring Showcase! A dragon has appeared in the Kingdom, cutting off the King from being able to access his favourite foods, and he's offering the seat on the throne in exchange for convincing the dragon to leave. It's a tile laying game for the family, and a first game for Laughing Hyena Games. 

Is it funded? Yes

What’s the pledge to get a copy? €42 (about £37)

When does it end? Sunday, May 23rd 2021

Where is it? Pick up and play!

Harsh Shadows

A solo game of espionage, you'll choose your agent and spy, use your locations to investigate, and handy tools of the trade to help, discover clues and build evidence. Plus, you can pick up a print and play version for as little as £3.


Is it funded? Yes

What’s the pledge to get a copy? $12 (about £9)

When does it end? Saturday, May 8th 2021

Where is it? A whole lotta game packed into a tiny package...

The Witcher Hybrid Dice

We were excited about this last week, and now it's here! These are Q Workshop Dice themed on The Witcher, combining two materials to create a unique effect. You even have the option for selecting your own styles and between dice sets, with some optional additional accessories.


Is it funded? Yes

What’s the pledge to get a copy? €24 (about £21)

When does it end? Wednesday, May 19th 2021

Where is it? Geralt would approve!

Dice By Wyrmwood & Dispel

More Dice! Industry giants Wymwood & Dispel are offering sharp-edge resin, gemstones & glass dice – there is a phenomenal selection of high-quality dice available to you in this project. Added to that, they're attempting a world record - one die laid in a row for every backer - in an attempt to beat the current record of 6,000 and make their way in the Guinness World Record books. 

Is it funded? Yes

What’s the pledge to get a copy? $15 (about £11) for a single D20

When does it end? Friday, May 14th 2021

Where is it? Dice goblins, Assemble!


An area control game where you're enjoying life as a noble – and trying not to lose it all! As the Medici make their way from one party to another, the areas you're seeking will change, making it a fast paced ever changing game. This is the completion of the Mediterranean eurogames trilogy designed by Dean Morris, which included Ragusa and Venice. 

Is it funded? Yes

What’s the pledge to get a copy? £45

When does it end? Thursday, May 20th 2021

Where is it? Seduce the Medici on the night of the carnevale...




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