Weekly Kickstarter Round Up: 25th August 2021

25 August 2021
Welcome to our picks from Kickstarter this week

Join us as we rattle through our top picks of this week's Kickstarters.

Dr Finn's 2022 Games

The exceedingly well reviewed Dr. Finn is back with a crowdfunding drive for his 2022 line. The Biblios creator returns with four games for 2022 with The Little Flower Shop Dice Game, Alpujarras (a fruit farming themed euro), Fisheries of Gloucester (tile laying, fish catching fun off the coast of New England),and Feds (fight crime!). If you’re outside the US, you’ll need to pre-order from GamesQuest – an interesting way to dodge import/export worries. 

Is it funded? Not yet!
How much? $90 (about £66) for all four games and promos
When does it end? Monday, September 13 2021
Where is it? Gloucester, New England / Gloucester, Old England

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Stingers & Spores

Want to be a bug and have bug adventures? Well, no you can with a high fantasy TTRPG set below the grass canopy. The game uses the Savage Worlds system and offers dark gods in the deep, honey bee monks and beetle knights. If you’ve been waiting for a Hollow Knight RPG, this might be the way to do it.

Is it funded? Nearly!
How much? $20 (about £15) for a print version (in the form of a discount code)
When does it end? Thursday, September 23 2021
Where is it? On your shoulder right now! 

Backyard Chickens

Deck building is all about putting your eggs (cards) in one basked (deck), and this might be the game to complete that metaphor. Raise baby chicks, care and feed for your chickens, and fend off hungry possums, bad kitties and thieving foxes.

Is it funded? About halfway!
How much? $35 (about £26)
When does it end? Tuesday, September 14 2021
Where is it? Cluck here


Super Truffle Pigs

Snuffling for truffles is the goal of this game, all while avoiding wolves (maybe using some kind of pig super powers to zap them). A charming modular set up and pig minis make it worth a look for us.

Is it funded? Not quite!
How much? $35 (around £26) for the base game
When does it end?  Friday, September 10 2021 
Where is it? This little piggy went to forest

Black Rose Wars: Rebirth

Black Rose Wars is one of our favourite games about having a punch up in a library, and now its back with a new edition. Take on the role of a mage in the Black Lodge attempting to wrest control of the library and become the new Magister. Using deck building, arena combat, and some world destruction, Rebirth gives us everything we want from a game about wizards fighting. 

Is it funded? Sure is.
How much? €126 (around £111) for the core box and stretch goals
When does it end?  Thursday, September 9 2021 
Where is it? The black lodge, of course



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