Watson & Holmes is getting a wide release thanks to Asmodee

07 October 2016
wah01_layout-47566.png Players bid to visit locations
Head-to-head game of deduction for up to seven players originally snuck out last year

Elementary news: Watson & Holmes, the Sherlockian deduction game released in limited supply last year, is getting a wider release in 2017.

The game, which is based on the diaries of Dr. Watson, sees two to seven players compete to solve 13 cases faster than their rivals by reading case notes and subsequently pursuing leads.

It was originally launched in late 2015 by Ludonova and will arrive early next year with revamped artwork and scenarios as part of a re-release from Space Cowboys and Asmodee. (It also looks like it’s dropped the original subtitle, From the Diaries of 221B.)

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An interactive element is also included via QR codes on each case note, which can be scanned to play an audio recording of each setup. There’s also a bidding mechanic, with players unable to visit the same location and thus having to play more carriage tokens than their opponent – but if the police have been called in a preceding round, complications can ensue.

Various character cards dealt at the start of the game provide specific one-use abilities, with Watson available – at a cost – to help solve the mystery.

The game ends when one player feels they have gathered enough clues during the visiting and investigation phases to crack the case and travels to 221B to present their findings to Holmes – with a wrong guess meaning the end of their chance to win. A game takes about 45 to 75 minutes to complete.

Watson & Holmes will be back on shelves in early 2017.


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