Wartile is a virtual miniatures wargame with stunning terrains coming to PC next month

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24 February 2017
ss_059756af28bdbec7274e19e3011158aca0f15404.1920x1080-66820.jpg Wartile
Developer Playwood Projects overcomes last year's failed Kickstarter

A new video game is putting its own spin on the virtual wargaming genre, and boy is it pretty.

Wartile is the work of developer Playwood Projects, who originally brought the concept to Kickstarter at the start of last year – only to raise less than half of its £55,000 target and cancel the campaign. The studio has seemingly since decided to fund the title itself, still managing to launch it in line with its proposed Kickstarter schedule.

The game is described as a blend of real-time strategy and tabletop miniature wargaming elements, featuring hex-based battle boards with stunningly well-rendered 3D environments, making full use of the virtual medium’s ability to introduce lighting and camera effects.

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Players move their models around, activating special abilities using a card-driven system and exploiting the weaknesses of their enemies.

Vikings and English knights make up the opposing forces battling for control of the map; the first campaign will follow the Norse warriors as they fight their way across Scandinavia and England.

There’s also a multiplayer mode, as well as miniature customisation options for weapons and armour.

Wartile is due out on PC on March 17th, and is launching through Steam’s Early Access platform, meaning the playable release will be developed and expanded in the weeks and months to come.


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