Warmachine and Hordes publisher Privateer launching monthly miniatures subscription box

18 July 2017
6-Radial-600x400-09596.jpg MiniCrate
MiniCrate will include limited-edition models and collector’s cards

We’ve seen subscription crates for board games from companies both big and small, but a newcomer to the monthly goodies-in-the-post arena wants to offer something slightly different: miniatures.

MiniCrate is the first subscription box from Privateer Press, the publisher behind tabletop wargames Warmachine and Hordes.

There will be two tiers of MiniCrate: the $18.99 (£14) monthly collector’s box and the VIP version, which costs $112.99 (£86) for six months – meaning it comes to almost exactly the same price per month as the standard edition. Both include the price of postage to the UK.

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Each crate will include a limited-edition miniature that can only be acquired through the service, plus a collector’s card with the model’s concept art. To prove the exclusivity, Privateer has said it will show the destruction of each models’ moulds after the crates are sent out.

The contents of the collector’s and VIP boxes are identical, although VIP subscribers will get a seventh free miniature – ‘di Wulfe in Sheep’s Clothing’, based on Gorman di Wulfe, Rogue Alchemist for Warmachine – in addition to the six figures in their crates, as well as extra offers and discounts.

The model included in the first MiniCrate in October will be Swamp Siren, a variant of the Swamp Horror Minions model for Hordes. Cut-off for sign-ups is September 19th.


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