Warlord Games launches pre-painted tank range

05 January 2016
pre-painted-tanks-banner-69187.jpg Bolt Action tanks
Now it's easier than ever to add tanks to Bolt Action

Warlord Games has launched a range of pre-painted tanks to make it easier than ever to introduce great-looking tanks into your games of Bolt Action. 

Based on the range of Warlord plastic tanks these premium versions have been built and painted to represent four of the most iconic tanks of WWII. Warlord has gone for simple colours and basic markings on each tank to allow you as much choice as possible when it comes to adding your own personalisation later.

The tanks are painted to allow you to get onto the battlefield as quickly as possible, and enable you to collect your force of three or more vehicles needed for Tank War and individualise each to suit the look of your own army.
Aerials and any mounted machine guns are painted but left unattached to avoid breakages in transit.

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Remember that these tanks are hand-painted and each one will be unique – as such you can expect minor variations to the published images. What’s more if you buy a ‘Zug’/’Platoon’ of three vehicles Warlord will include a decal sheet relevant to your choice, to add further markings to your tanks as you require, and a stowage pack for free!


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