Warlord brings Marlborough’s Wars 1701-1714 starter army to Black Powder

07 February 2017
Allied-Infantry-regiment-32303.jpg Allied infantry from the set
Set includes more than 100 infantry, cavalry, artillery, mounted officer and banner miniatures

Black Powder publisher Warlord Games has detailed a new starter army for the 1700 to 1900 historical wargame.

The Marlborough’s Wars set is based on the War of the Spanish Succession, which was fought from 1701 to 1714 between King Louis XIV of France and Emperor Leopold I of Austria as they competed for the newly vacant throne in the country.

The global conflict attracted support for the Austrian forces from British, Dutch and German states, with battles taking place across Spain, Italy, Germany, the Low Countries and overseas in the New World.

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Warlord’s new set features 28mm plastic multi-part figures from the firm’s partnership with Wargames Factory and includes close to 100 infantry, 12 cavalry, three artillery pieces with 12 crew, three mounted officers and banners for both the Sun King and Grand Alliance sides.

As Warlord points out, the allies on each side were very close in appearance, meaning that the same set could be re-used and painted in different hues to represent the various participants.

The Marlborough’s Wars 1701-1714 starter army costs £85 and will be released later this month.


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