Warhammer Quest sequel out on iOS next month, beta incoming

07 September 2017
wq2-tet-003_orig-92564.jpg Warhammer Quest II
Developer hints at future multiplayer support

Warhammer Quest II: The End Times, the follow-up to the well-liked 2013 digital adaptation of the classic dungeon crawler, has a release date.

The iOS version of the turn-based RPG will be out on October 19th, developer Perchang has confirmed, with an Android version following later this year and other platforms planned for 2018. A beta will launch towards the end of this month.

The End Times takes place in Warhammer’s region of Middenland during the titular era. A 10-part campaign follows the player’s adventurers as they cross the landscape, with procedurally-generated dungeons available for a more replayable option. An expansion launching alongside the main game will add a second campaign equal in size to the first.

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The sequel will differ to its predecessor in a number of ways, adding in new travel events that can result in combat encounters, as well as updating the items in the game to offer weapons that have varying levels of effectiveness versus enemies’ traits.

Perchang developer Ben Murch also told Stately Play that while the app will be single-player at launch, “multiplayer is something we’ll be looking at in the future”.


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