Warcraft-inspired board game Heroes of Land, Air & Sea returns after cancelling its first successful Kickstarter

05 May 2017
HLAS_3DMockup_1-4-93018.jpg Heroes of Land, Air & Sea
4X title from Tiny Epic Kingdoms designer Scott Almes raised more than $250,000 back in February before deciding to start again

Earlier this year, we reported on Heroes of Land, Air & Sea, the next project from Tiny Epic Kingdoms designer Scott Almes inspired by PC strategy game Warcraft that featured a huge game board and 3D buildings and vehicles.

Almes and publisher Gamelyn’s Kickstarter campaign went on to successfully raise more than two and a half times its original $100,000 target, before suddenly being cancelled in early February.

At the time, the publisher said that it would relaunch the campaign at the beginning of May to drop the price of the box and revised the contents to include more miniatures.

Now, the game has reappeared on the crowdfunding site, quickly exceeding its increased $250,000 goal.

The revised Kickstarter features just two reward tiers: the base game and a bundle including the expansion, which itself has been combined from two planned add-ons into a single box.

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The game itself is cheaper, coming in at $79 (£61) for the core box (plus $20/£15 shipping to the UK) and $139 (£107) for the deluxe bundle, compared to the $100 (£77) price tag for the original version.

Its game board has also been reconsidered, now measuring slightly smaller at 26 by 26 inches to fit on more tables, with the expansion including an extension for the board to take it up to 39 inches wide.

Gameplay-wise, solo and team play variants have been added to the rulebook.

The new campaign still has almost a month left to run, so it seems likely the new version will outpace the original, having already attracted more backers and gathered just $6,000 less than the original Kickstarter at the time of writing.


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