Vive La France! Perry Miniatures show off new French Line Infantry

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10 April 2019
56456126_1978131842308912_1900548184103452672_o-87421.jpg Vive La France! Perry Miniatures show off new French Line Infantry
En avant!


Those dastardly French are preparing their military forces; in other news, there’s been a recent shortage of white flags for reasons unknown. 

Perry Miniatures have been showing off previews for their upcoming additions to their Napoleonic range. We caught these at Salute last weekend; they do rather give a new meaning ‘the boys in blue’. 











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What you’re looking at are the ‘3ups’ for the line infantry; enlarged resin copies of what will eventually be the finished miniatures. The line infantry are all represented in long-tailed coats, white cross belts, shakos, sabres, backpack with bedroll and powder carriers. Although the figures are designed as mid-war French infantry, they could also be used to represent Swiss, Italian, French-serving Spanish units, Hanoverian Legion soldiers and other such units. The box will consist of a total of 44 miniatures. This box will be split between 36 fusiliers and eight voltigeurs. There will also be options for a full command included in the box. 

There’ll be poses for either advancing or marching; though the images don’t show it, I’m guessing that this’ll be done by having two separate leg options. Since the tailcoats come attached not to the back of the jacket but to the knapsack, I’d be curious to see how they square having them fly out behind the miniature whilst the legs are more static. My guess is that the tailcoats are sculpted in such a way as to imply movement, but that it won’t be so obvious as to look out of place when used on the marching legs.

They’ll be a second box as well, consisting principally of voltigeurs with a command frame included. They could aslo double as grenadiers as well. 

The announcement comes hot on the heals of their recent American WW2 infantry release, which we previewed here, though as yet there’s no announcement as to when these will be released.



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