Virtual tabletop simulator Tabletopia rolls its way onto iPad

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09 February 2018
qnJTXKGvAZyTJJnuANb3X3-93175.jpg Tabletopia
Free-to-play app launches into beta with six games

Tabletopia, the free-to-play tabletop sandbox that lets players simulate virtual versions of games, has launched on iPad.

An alternative to PC apps such as Tabletop Simulator, Tabletopia includes both a library of free officially licensed games and some ports that cost a few pounds each, as well as a premium option that unlocks everything for a set time.

Its mobile beta – which for the moment is limited to iPad, with an Android release to follow – comes with just six games, the most notable being Sub Terra, Burgle Bros. and Champions of Midgard, with Hansa Teutonica, The Shipwreck Arcana and Mint Works also in the mix. The offering is planned to be expanded ‘gradually’ over time with more of the 500-plus games from the PC version.

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The beta only supports solo play (without AI) and pass and play multiplayer for now, but online multiplayer is said to be in the works, albeit without cross-platform support due to the difference in screen sizes, which require alternative setups on mobile devices.

There’s also no built-in tutorials, so you’ll ideally need to know how to play the games before you dive in – although you can read the rulebooks.

While the app is free-to-play, Tabletopia has confirmed it will feature a similar system of premium accounts and in-app purchases on iPad, plus standalone paid apps powered by the platform.

Much like the app’s ‘mixed’ reception over on Steam, early user reviews seem to paint the iPad version as very much a work in progress, mentioning the lack of tutorials and some bugs. With it being a beta for the moment, here’s hoping the bumps are smoothed out by the time it gets a full release – at least it won't cost you a penny to check it out.


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