Virtual RPG tabletop app Skirmish VT returns to Kickstarter

27 October 2016
3dab554707b3cecff2e681d02b4f717c_original-36496.jpeg Skirmish VT will support third-party art and plug-ins
Server-based tool includes support for third-party plug-ins and a variety of graphical features

Almost exactly a year after it launched its first Kickstarter campaign, virtual tabletop Skirmish VT has returned to the crowdfunding site bigger and better.

The software for hosting RPG campaigns in a digital space failed to raise its €7,000 target when it first appeared last year, ultimately cancelling its campaign in November 2015.

Now it’s back with a bigger goal – €15,000 – and some major improvements.

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Skirmish is a server-based virtual tabletop that supports both local and online games, meaning that players don’t need to be connected to the internet continually – only in order to synchronise quickly and update the match with their moves and actions.

The app has a visual appearance similar to many classic RPG computer games, and includes graphical features such as dynamic fog of war and light sources, plus a variety of character and enemy models and poses. There’s a variety of map display options, such as a minimap.

GMs can create their campaign using the world building tool, and the software also allows for third-party plug-ins to add extra features and tokens from artists.

Skirmish’s creators plan to offer the base tool for free, with a €4.99 a month Pro subscription adding dynamic lighting, early access to new features, unlimited plug-ins and custom content, and discounts on store purchases.


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