Vers is a party game that wants to teach you how to rap

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04 May 2017
37845ae36c2f11875de612c93f94ce06_original-57077.png Vers: The Rap Game
Cards combine topics and pre-made rhymes

Toodle-oo Ice Cube, out of the way Doctor Dre, ta ta Kendrick Lamar: now everyone can be a rapper, thanks to a neat little party game called Vers.

Created by student and freestyle rapper Jerry Spatch, Vers involves players drawing sets of cards and constructing raps based on a given topic and a pre-defined set of base rhymes. For example, you might draw the subject ‘taco’ and the rhymes ‘hate, great, appreciate’.

There’s 400 categories and rhyme cards, and players compete to come up with the best freestyle flow in teams.

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It’s as simple as that, although we must mention the artwork on the back of the cards, which feature vivid abstract images starring cats, tortoises, dolphins and more.

The base game is $25 (£19), though you’ll have to double that amount to get it to the UK.

The Kickstarter has already passed its $10,000 target, with 20 days left to run, and extra cards and expansions have been promised if it passes its extra goals.

Vers: The Rap Game should be out this September.


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