Vast sequel escapes from The Crystal Caverns into The Mysterious Manor

05 June 2018
f15cd5b8e93802ebfe0ead4357df2844_original-29904.jpg Vast: The Mysterious Manor
Asymmetric adventure game can be combined with predecessor

Acclaimed asymmetric strategy game Vast: The Crystal Caverns is setting off on a new adventure.

Vast: The Mysterious Manor is Patrick Leder’s standalone sequel to the 2016 hit, which saw players competing to complete unique objectives.

The new game sticks to the innovative format, putting players in the shoes of a paladin, skeletons, spider, enchanter or the very building itself. Each has their own aim, be it hunting down one of their fellow adventurers or simply trying to escape the haunted house.

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The action plays out on a new modular board, forming the manor from various tiles. The player in control of the manor is represented on the board by a wraith that must move along patterns of runes, achieved by manipulating the board using its abilities and omen powers. In a change from Crystal Caverns’ cave, these powers can be assigned in any combination, widening the potential for tactical play.

The similarities between the characters of Mysterious Manor and Crystal Caverns mean that the two games can be combined, with characters able to be swapped out for their counterparts to mix things up further. Despite this, Mysterious Manor is said to be more than a reskin of Crystal Caverns, with new play options and the added influence of the board offering up a fresh experience.

The game is currently up on Kickstarter, where it’s quickly blown away its initial £22,500 goal almost ten times over. It still has three weeks to run, with Mysterious Manor due to arrive in the hands of backers next March and retailers at some point in the future.


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