Uwe Rosenberg’s Patchwork weaves its way to PC

08 December 2016
ss_afc338a5b1d7c89d532a445ccbe926012e1390bf.1920x1080-98014.jpg Patchwork on PC
And it’s 30% off for the first week

Patchwork, the charming tile-laying family game by Agricola and Caverna designer Uwe Rosenburg, has finally arrived on PC.

The title – currently ranked as the best abstract and second-best family game on BoardGameGeek – is themed around a race to complete the best patchwork quilt on a grid of nine-by-nine by purchasing patches with buttons and organising them on the player board.

Patchwork hit mobile devices back in February, but has taken until now to arrive on PC via Steam.

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The PC version features online cross-platform and local multiplayer, as well as the option to battle computer-controller players in easy, medium and hard modes.

There’s a tutorial, and the chance to analyse past games and hone your strategies using the Playback function.

Plus, you can customise the backgrounds and patterns available.

The game costs £3.99, but is 30% off for its first week, down to £2.79 until December 13th.


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